Dwight Finds a New Daycare

By Guest Blogger Stephanie Wilcher

Stephanie provides extra exercise and stimulation for Helen, the rescue Hound dog who belongs to Downtown Dogs Owner Ralph and his wife, Abbe. Because Helen has been blind from birth, she is reactive. The Bernsteins can’t walk or socialize with her near their two other dogs, Frannie the Pug and Lyle the Wire Fox Terrier. This is Helen and Stephanie — they are BFFS!

The title of this blog might sound like the name of a children’s book — which wouldn’t be surprising since I’ve been reading a lot of them aloud lately. You see, my husband and I recently welcomed our first (human 😀) child into our family.

Thankfully, Dwight, our six-year-old, rescue Lab/Border Collie mix, has been adjusting quite well to the baby and the changes in our household routines. But due to our time constraints and his fear-based reactivity and anxiety, we’re hard pressed to get in the frequent long walks to which Dwight had grown accustomed.

I know that, as a larger dog, Dwight needs exercise. I also know he’s happiest when he gets some socialization and activity outside of our home and yard.

When I attempted to take Dwight back to the dog daycare we used several years ago, they said that he was mounting other dogs and recommended he not be re-enrolled. It was so disappointing! I was really hoping Dwight could return to this place that he knew and enjoyed.

When I learned that Downtown Dogs was welcoming of all ages, breeds, sizes, and play styles of dogs, I knew we had to try it out. From what I understood, Downtown Dogs is more willing than many other daycares to work with dogs on their behaviors, to help them have successful communal play experiences.

After Dwight’s evaluation day at Downtown Dogs, they said it was a great fit, and that while he did mount a few times, they attributed it to first day excitement, and said he was easily corrected. It was a behavior they could work with and they were not concerned.

What a relief to find a new daycare for Dwight! Downtown Dogs is a safe place where he can play and get the much-needed mental and physical enrichment we value!

What’s more, the staff is welcoming, kind, and accommodating. You can totally tell that they all really love dogs! The staff knows exactly who my dog is and my heart practically melts when they give me little verbal anecdotes about Dwight’s day at pick up. They’ve also been super helpful getting Dwight into the building, as I often have my newborn in the car with me most mornings.

I really couldn’t have asked for this situation to work out any better! Both Dwight and I highly recommend Downtown Dogs to anyone who is looking for a positive, inclusive, and professional daycare environment.

If you or anyone you know are interested in checking out Downtown Dogs for daycare or boarding, they welcome pet parents to call or stop in anytime. After their initial evaluation, dogs can come in to play for as little as an hour or for a full day. And the best thing: No reservations (for daycare) or memberships are required!

Dwight at pick up with Stephanie.
Dwight on our Vegas play floor!
Dwight on his way to his Evaluation Day at Downtown Dogs.
Stephanie says, “After a day of play at Downtown Dogs, we often don’t even get to take his leash off before he falls asleep!”











Stephanie is an experienced dog mom, a rescuer, and a deeply committed animal advocate. She’s also a pet care professional as the owner of Compassionate Canine Care, a dog walking service.