Bathing your dog shouldn’t be a dirty job.

Final_LogoWe have recently expanded our business and opened Dog’s Day Out, a DIY dog wash and full serve bathing and grooming salon. Located right next door, Dog’s Day Out has a bright, modern vibe. High ceilings and a large, open floor plan allow for plenty of air circulation and social distancing. Seven, state-of-the-art tubs and three high-powered drying stations reflect our commitment to going beyond best practice to deliver superior dog and owner experiences.

Dog’s Day Out expands on what we’ve done at Downtown Dogs for years and makes it accessible to everyone, no matter your needs or breeds. Whether your Great Dane needs a DIY dog wash or your Pekinese needs a spa day, we have the facilities and professional experience to make it happen. All while keeping the mess and stress of bathing a dog out of your home.


Some of the other extras that make Dog’s Day Out unique include the ‘Zen Den,’ a private bathing and drying room for more shy dogs; child-size aprons and stools for little helpers; and ‘pup-arazzi’ photos.


Dog’s Day Out is extremely pleased to announce our new groomer Andy! With over 14 years of grooming experience, Andy brings a true passion and artistic eye that drives him to be an exceptional and professional dog groomer. In addition, he combines patience and a caring hand to create a positive grooming experience for every dog, including dogs who, generally, are not enamored with being groomed.

Andy is here to assist in all your grooming needs! Please call Dog’s Day Out at 612-255-3425 to book your next appointment.


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