Helen Says: Downtown Dogs is Perfect for All Pooch Playstyles.


Dogs are very social animals, and an active social life is an important part of a dog’s well-being. Socializing with other pups can help reduce anxiety and stress, while giving them the exercise and activity they crave. However, no two dogs behave or play the same way. Even canines of the same breed, litter or home can behave differently and may have completely different social needs. One of the many amazing things about dogs is that they’re often not very aware of their size. So, separating dogs at daycare by size is like organizing your books from tallest to shortest.

One of the things that makes Downtown Dogs special is that we have four, large playrooms that perfectly match the variety of pup playstyles and temperaments. This way, your pup will socialize with dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes; all under the care and supervision of our expert team.

Every new dog completes a brief evaluation to determine the room that’s right for them:

Las Vegas: This is where the action happens. Vegas is the room for dogs big and small with loads of energy who love to wrestle, run, and play all day.

New York: This room is home to dogs who like to play hard but with the joint-soothing comfort of a rubberized floor. It’s perfect for those giant breeds or older dogs who still have lots of energy to expend.

Florida: Just the right spot for pups who might find an overly active playgroup overwhelming. Whether a senior dog, small dog or shy dog, this is the place to go for a day of hanging on the couch with friends.

Iowa: When Florida overflows, this is where the rest of the chill crowd goes to stretch out and relax.

Keeping dogs socialized under the right conditions can help maintain a happy, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle. Starting at just $5 an hour, Downtown Dogs is perfect for all pup personalities. And if you have a fur-baby who doesn’t particularly  enjoy playtime with other dogs, we have an option for them too. We offer individual daycare and boarding, which includes plenty of human company.

Did you know you can watch all the action in real-time on our live webcams here

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