Lyle says: “Your pup needs a social life!”


Dogs love playing and goofing with human friends and family, but nothing compares to the fun and smells of fellow pups of all sizes, ages, and breeds. With humans socially isolating for almost two years now, it’s important to reflect on how our changing social lives affect our favorite furry family members.

An active social life can help reduce anxiety and promote overall canine health. Socialized dogs are generally happier, healthier, and better adjusted. They adapt better to change and new experiences of all kinds. Socializing your dog will even help them adjust to being around children and new people.  

While the most important socialization period for dogs is the first few months of their lives, it is never too late to help them slowly adapt to being around others. Adult dogs need socialization too, as it helps keep them healthy, active, and engaged. Even if you have never taken your dog to a doggy daycare, now is a great time to start a new routine.

Doggy daycare is an amazing way to give your dog the social life they need to thrive while letting them sniff and explore other eager pups at their own pace.

Downtown Dogs matches pups according to play style rather than size or age, so your dog will have exposure to a variety of appropriately comparable playmates, under care and supervision from our expert staff. Starting at just $5 an hour, Downtown Dogs daycare is the perfect way to maintain your dog’s social life this winter while you find your “new normal.”        

The advice provided is based on many years of experience as dog parents and operators of one of the largest and longest established dog daycare and boarding facilities in the Twin Cities. Always consult your veterinarian. When not sharing advice, our dog bloggers — Frannie, Lyle, and Helen — share a space with their people, Downtown Dogs owner Ralph Bernstein and his wife, Abbe.