People and Pets Staycation Trend and Giveaway

The dog days of summer are officially here and these days especially, most everyone can use a getaway! 

Whether looking to go lakeside or connecting to the pulse of downtown Minneapolis, the most important criteria for your destination should be “stress-free,” which is one of the many reasons hospitality has seen an increase in staycations.

What is a staycation exactly? Simply put, it’s a vacation destination near home (and even better if it’s near and dear to your heart, too!). In addition to being an affordable option, it provides an opportunity to rediscover your locale, avoid overpacking, and above all else, R-E-L-A-X knowing your surroundings and being able to indulge in your favorites.

It’s time to be one of those carefree people you see walking leisurely without an apparent destination. Make a list of all the things you wish you could do if you “just had the time.” Whether it’s reading a book at your favorite cafe while languidly sipping a cappuccino, taking a nap in the middle of the park stretched out on fresh grass underneath the summer sun, or (our personal favorite) spending the entire day soaking up the R&R at a luxury spa, suddenly you will see your everyday surroundings offer endless possibilities.

And while hotels like Hotel Ivy, a Luxury Hotel Minneapolis, allow pet pals to stay in suite luxury accommodations, sometimes some time apart is absolutely okay or even preferred. After all, the saying goes: absence makes the heart grow fonder? 

Dogs love the opportunity to have a sleepover and spa staycation experience of their own! Spending time during the day sniffing, playing, and making new friends is a welcome change of routine. And curling up in a cozy suite of their very own at night, makes their getaway feel like their home away from home. After your relaxing and rejuvenating time away, you’ll love picking up your freshly bathed and coiffed pup. And with any luck she’ll be tired as well from all the playing, and you can extend that zen feeling a little longer! 

Does all this sound like a fantasy or an oasis within the particularly challenging last 18 months? Fear not, dreams do come true! Your friends at Minneapolis Lakes, Hotel Ivy, Downtown Dogs, and Dog’s Day Out are partnering to grant a staycation wish!  

Head over to @downtowndogsmn on Instagram between now and August 10 for details! One lucky winner and their puppy pal will win a staycation package worth remembering at Minneapolis’ favorite local destinations:

>One night of dog boarding at Downtown Dogs

>One full-service dog bath at Dog’s Day Out

>One night stay at Hotel Ivy

>30-minute spa service at Anda Spa 

Your good fortune could be here: