Beyond Our Walls 

In choosing Downtown Dogs you know you are helping your dog get the important stimulation, socialization, and exercise they need. But did you know that you are also helping homeless dogs, the environment, and your local economy? At Downtown Dogs we are committed to reaching beyond our own walls to make the world a better place for pets and people.

We support nonprofits that help animals
• Each year, we provide over 100 nights of free or discounted boarding to local rescue and foster organizations.
• In 2021 we launched “Change Unleashed,” a round-up and matching program to raise funds and awareness for local animal welfare organizations.
• Throughout the year, we sponsor events and donate gift certificates and prizes to help non-profits further their missions.

We are stewards of our planet
• New HVAC systems installed in 2021 and 2022 increase the health and safety of everyone who enters Downtown Dogs and decrease energy usage by 15%.
• In 2022 we replaced all fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient LED lights.
• Our white roof reduces greenhouse emissions to the ozone layer and saves significant amounts of natural resources with its energy efficiency.

We work hard to attract, train, and retain high caliber employees
Our incredible team is what makes Downtown Dogs stand out from the “pack.” We value our team members and invest in them to ensure they are caring and professional when meeting all of your dog’s needs.
• We offer above industry standard starting pay, wages, and bonuses.
• We provide generous benefits including four weeks of paid family leave on top of the required 12 unpaid weeks.
• We recognize strong performers and encourage promotions from within.

Change Unleashed!

NEW! Partner businesses Downtown Dogs and Dog’s Day Out have launched “Change Unleashed!” — an ongoing, donation round up and matching program to help raise awareness and funds for non-profit animal welfare organizations in our community.

Our first non-profit partner is Mission Animal Hospital. A different recipient organization will be selected each quarter in 2022. Downtown Dogs and Dog’s Day Out will jointly match up to $1,500 in customer donations each quarter!

Your pet is part of your family, and you’ll do anything for them. But what if you couldn’t?

Founded in 2015 as the first-ever, and still only, independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit veterinary hospital in the Midwest, Mission Animal Hospital provides compassionate quality veterinary care to pet owners in need.

The benefits of pets in our lives have never been more clear. For many, pets offer relief from isolation and critical emotional support, along with physical health benefits. With donor support, Mission Animal Hospital helps low-income families access necessary veterinary care for their furry family members and ensure that their family stays together.

For every $1 contributed to Mission, there is a projected $4.64 social value generated through improved health and quality of life for the pet owner and the pet.

Here’s how to learn more about Mission Animal Hospital, located at 10100 Viking Drive, Suite 150, Eden Prairie, MN 55344: | | 952.938.1237

Helping Dogs Find their Forever Homes

We believe every dog deserves love, unlimited belly rubs and a safe home to call their own. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping rescue dogs in need find forever homes in our Twin Cities and greater Minnesota community.

Each year, we are proud to foster more than 100 homeless dogs. We act as a foster home for several animal rescue groups that work tirelessly to help abandoned pets find loving, dedicated families.

There are almost always several foster dogs in our daycare pack, playing, learning what it’s like to feel loved and waiting to meet their forever families. Check in with us to find out which dogs are in foster care and how to contact the rescue organization about adopting.

Rescue Dog Resources

We love that families are created in different ways and with different parts. We support responsible, safe breeders but encourage new pet families to consider rescuing a wonderful pet whenever possible.

If you’re considering adoption, volunteering or becoming a temporary foster family, the Twin Cities is home to several phenomenal rescues working tirelessly to find a home for every sweet hound. Here are a few we regularly work with:

4 Pits Sake Rescue

All Dog Rescue

A Rotta Love Plus

Pet Haven

Spot’s Last Stop

The Rescue Crew

Twin Cities Pet Rescue 

Underdog Rescue

Warrior Dog Rescue

Other Partners

International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA)

K9SF Dog Training

Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MnPAW)

Mission Animal Hospital

My Pit Bull Is Family

North Minneapolis Pet Resource Center

Page Education Foundation


Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation

West Market District